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These are research results from field crop research supporting the grain and forage work we plan to do.

Field crop studies examine economically viable solutions to solving growers' needs. Current work examines pest problems, including fungi in soybean, evaluating leaf diseases, its impact on yield, and new treatment solutions triggered by weather.

Plant Biologist

Soil-Test Biological Activity: Relevance and Guidance for Nitrogen Management in Stockpiled Tall Fescue

Mehl, VA Soybean Board Report Proposal 2015

2018 Hybrid Trial Preliminary Results Final

Carbon Respiration Corn Battle Park Farms 2018

Virginia Soybean Board 2014 Project Report

Soil-Test Biological Activity with the Flush of CO2 : IV. Fall-Stockpiled Tall Fescue Yield Response to Applied Nitrogen

2018 Hybrid Trial Preliminary Results Final

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